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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword TargetingWhen we talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it’s about much more then placing a few random keywords and hoping a search engine finds you. You want to expose your website to as many potential quality customers and leads as possible. Utilizing an array of sophisticated proven SEO techniques we’ll put a target on your website that attracts the right audience, who is in search of what your business has to offer.

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Digital Content

contentContent is King but producing quality blog posts, digital newsletters, e-Books, and videos takes time and talent.  Take the work out of your website or blog and let Z-Dog Media’s team of professional writers, editors, designers, and video producers create compelling, SEO optimized original content for you, so you can concentrate on what is important, running and growing  your business.

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Website Development

Website development and managementWhen we build website from the ground up, you can be sure your website is designed to be SEO friendly, easy to navigate, and professionally produced. If you already have a website, Z-Dog media can help you repair issues that may be keeping it from reaching its full marketing potential or interfering with organic search engine rankings.  And if another website developer left you in the lurch, we are very good at cleaning up other people’s digital messes.
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Google AdWords/CPC Marketing

PPC and Adwords Digital MarketingWhether you want increased brand awareness, more clicks to your website, more sales leads for your team, or more actual direct sales of products or services, Google Adwords can provide a highly customizable, and targeted way to reach customers. Z-Dog Media’s experts are certified by Google in all aspects of AdWords (search, display, mobile, video, and shopping), so you can feel confident they have the skills to  design and implement custom AdWords campaigns for your business that will maximize your return on advertising dollar investment.

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Whether your project involves SEO, or PPC (or both!), you can break it down into three distinct steps:

SEO research

Using website analytics and other tools to track key metrics, we take a deep look into your website, including how it’s designed and built, strengths and weaknesses, and how your customers interact with it.  This full website audit allows us to create benchmarks and set trackable goals for your website and your business.  We’ll also spend time researching proper profitable keywords in order to bring your business the maximum amount of website visitors and/or sales conversions.

SEO updates and revisions

We use our research to revise and optimize your website and/or AdWords campaigns for peak performance and to maximum return on investment (ROI).   For websites this means increasing your organic search results and traffic. For PPC and AdWords campaigns it means insuring our we are getting the most branding exposure, leads and/or sales conversions as possible from the advertising dollars invested.

SEO Analytics and reporting

Each month we’ll review and interpret your website and ad campaign analytics and provide detailed reports, make changes and adjustments to improve performance, and consult on future digital marketing strategies. Search engine algorithms, along with the search and buying habits of the public, change often.  Likewise SEO and digital advertising campaigns should never be “set it and forget it” propositions.



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