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There’s a lot of information about SEO to read here, but if you only read one thing, read these bullet points of our services.  If you have any other questions, read on, or feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

TargetZ-Dog Media SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

  • Complete SEO website audit to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Set up and configuration of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Implementation of digital marketing goals and benchmarks against which to measure progress
  • Problem diagnostics and repair
  • Keyword research
  • Text and image optimization
  • Backlink strategy and implementation
  • Optional integration with Google AdWords campaigns
  • Ongoing analysis, reporting and consulting to maintain and improve search engine rankings.

What Proper SEO Looks Like

Every website presents different challenges and opportunities.  Likewise, every site’s SEO strategy should be unique, but regardless of individual difference, the process of SEO is always an ongoing effort that consists of 4 distinct parts:

  • Keyword and competition analysis – One of the most essential and time consuming things we do is to research keywords for your site.  Ranking #1 for keywords that only get 4 or 5 searches a month will not bring you much business, so it is important to discover what people are actually searching for within your niche in order to rank for the keywords that bring you the most targeted traffic. We also assess the competition for each keyword in order to come up with a strategic plan to get your site ranking on the first page of Google’s results and/or higher than your competitors. We’ll also asses when you are not likely to outrank a competitor for a given keyword and come up with alternative solutions, so you don’t end up wasting time and money chasing unachievable goals.
  • Onsite optimization – The work on your website includes optimizing all text and images throughout the site for your selected keywords. We will also check check the back end to diagnose and repair any technical issues that might be interfering with your site’s search engine placement or with Google and other search engines properly indexing your site.  In this stage we will also insure that proper analytics and reporting is in place to track progress going forward.
  • Offsite Optimization – One of the most important aspects of getting a high Google rank involves getting other credible websites and directories to link back to your site, which is a big part of our ongoing SEO efforts. We will also make sure you are listed in local search directories for the geographical areas you serve, and to consult with you in order to obtain relevant backlinks to your site that can significantly improve your organic search rankings.
  • Analysis and Reporting – Once all the research has been done and onsite and offsite optimization practices implemented, we need a month or so to collect data.  It  is then time to asses what it working and where improvements can be made. As search patterns and search engine algorithms are constantly changing, SEO is an ongoing process to achieve high rankings, and then maintain them, so we will constantly be analyzing and refining to improve performance.

Your website’s organic search engine rankings could be on the rise, contact us for a free SEO consultation now!

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