Website Design, Development, and Optimization

There’s a lot of information about website design, development and optimization to read here, but if you only read one thing, read these bullet points of our services.  If you have any other questions, read on, or feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

Z-Dog Media Website Design, Development, and Optimization Services

Whether you need a brand new website built or you need your current site redesigned and/or optimized for better performance, Z-Dog Media’s webmasters can get the job done done properly, on time, and on budget.  We maintain high standards of compliance with SEO best practices (White Hat techniques) for achieving the best results ethically and professionally.  Depending on your needs and budget we can provide some or all of the following services:

  • New websites built from the ground up with both Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ease of use, and end user experiences in mind
  • Site audit on existing sites to identify problems and barriers to better search engine placement
  • Installation and configuration of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools in order to collect detailed metrics on site performance
  • Implement practical solutions to existing sites in order to improve performance within your budget and technical constraints
  • Provide original content including text, graphics, photography, video, and newsletters
  • Optional integration with Google Shopping/Adwords
  • Consulting and recommendations on every aspect of creating and maintaining a professional website from purchasing a domain, to website hosting, to optional third party services, and more

Building SEO Friendly Websites from the Ground Up

Designing and building a brand new website from the ground up presents a one-time only opportunity to get it right the first time! We begin by consulting with you to first identify what your goals are for the website and what you want to accomplish by building it.  Here we will also discuss what special features you may need, and options you may want to add now or later, budget permitting.  We will then come up with a strategic plan to build a website that will accomplish those goals, along with different budget options, depending on optional features and programming.

On the front end, this plan includes a logical site architecture and linking structure, an appealing design aesthetic, and optional features that will make your site more functional for the user and/or easier for you as the business owner.  If you need help with design and graphics, we have team members who can do that too, or we can utilize the graphics, logos, and photography you already have.

On the back end we will insure you have a proper SEO friendly site architecture that is fully optimized for indexing by Google and other search engines.  All pages will have clean proper code and the infrastructure will be in place to build and scale the website as your business needs change.  Tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools will be installed and properly configured to give you beginning benchmarks in order to measure progress in relation to your specific business goals and track how users find and interact with your website, along with a plethora of valuable marketing data and insights about those users.

Optimizing and Repairing Existing or Problematic Websites

Many clients (most?) come to us after they have already had a bad experience with another website developer who failed to deliver.  Don’t worry, we can help you make the best of a bad situation and we’re experts at cleaning up others’ web design messes or half finished projects.  We’ll start with a full website audit to get a sense for what is working and what needs improvement.  We analyze both front and back end issues that might be interfering with sales conversions, contributing to high bounce rates (the number of people who come to your site and immediately leave), low organic search rankings, and more.  Once we have a solid plan in place, we will insure we have proper Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools installed and configured so we can track the progress going forward and analyze what is working and how to refine our SEO techniques for better performance.  In extreme instances our recommendations might include a complete site redesign, but more often than not we can work to build upon and improve what you already have.

Each client, each website, and each situation is unique, and we pride ourselves on our personal service designed to achieve each client’s website and digital marketing goals.

You know you need a great SEO optimized website, contact us for a free Website Design, Development and Optimization consultation now!

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